There are many different types of Entrepreneurs out there…

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Entrepreneur – this is the traditional risk taker that sees the path they are forging as less risky than working for somebody else doing something that isn’t interesting, isn’t rewarding, or may conflict with their values. If you’re trying to make it big as an entrepreneur, take a look at this app development agency to see if they could help you expand your marketing strategy. They often see what’s next and can’t imagine not pursuing it. These people are also willing to utilise the skill sets of others in order to enable them to succeed. This includes using the like of Cloudpay in order to manage payroll once they have succeeded on the global stage.

Solopreneur – an entrepreneur acting in isolation without the support of others in the same organization. Many people start this way or perhaps are just looking to freelance anyway. Such people may want to do some reading on sites like Tier Bella to get their business knowledge on par with their aspirations and career goals.

Videopreneur – An entrepreneur who blazes a business path with the use of video. (That’s me!)

Megapreneur – A biz maverick who has transcended the regular entrepreneur ranks to become an entrepreneurial superstar, like Sir Richard Branson or Steve Jobs.

Multipreneur – an entrepreneur that is pursuing multiple interests simultaneously either because they have to, in order to make ends meet, or because it is part of a portfolio strategy to see which plays out the best. Or, they may simply have the capacity to do more than one venture.

Intrapreneur – an employee acting as an internal entrepreneur inside the organization that has many of the risk elements of a classic entrepreneur but, is insulated from the brutal reality of having to manufacturer their own paycheck.

Wannapreneur – this person wants to start something but doesn’t know what. They are more constructive that the complainapreneur below but may lack ideas or a clear path forward.

Ideapreneur – this is the person who is stricken with ideas, suddenly and often but they don’t take action. They don’t have to jump on “this” idea because another possible better idea is right around the corner.

Olderpreneur – this is an older experienced person, the age can vary of course, but this person has decided to take their wealth of experience, network, skills, and package it up into a credible “what’s next” story told with the authority and credibility that may be lacking in a younger entrepreneur. Often they are motivated by pursuing an interest, addressing a nagging problem, leaving a legacy, or designing a venture around a lifestyle.

Bootcamperpreneur – An entrepreneur who spends too much time (and money) on boot camps, retreats and coaching conferences.

WarmandFuzzypreneur – A coach or trainer who spends so much time helping others, often not charging enough, that they forget to actually make money.

GoDaddypreneur – An entrepreneur who owns more than 100 domain names, just in case they ever need them! (Yes, I’m guilty!)

Twitterpreneur – A business person who spends an excessive amount of time on social media sites. Can often be identified because they speak, in short, 140-character sentences. (OMG, is this me?)

Hyperpreneur – A sales-obsessed marketer who is constantly pitching, pitching, pitching. Hyperpreneurs often become Spammerpreneurs.

Dinopreneur – An entrepreneur who risks extinction by not using online video in their marketing! (Sorry, I couldn’t resist!)

Complainapreneur – individuals that are stuck in the grind and don’t have the courage or clarity to escape. Instead, they bemoan their situation, wishing things would change, and eventually they usually do.

Dreamapreneur – those individuals that dream of pursuing a new passion but really never will commit to action. It is simply more fun and much more safe to fantasize about it while enjoying the security of a paycheck, limited working hours, and the familiar.

Adventurepreneur – this person works only to play; these folks might literally have a sign on their door or online profile, “Gone Fishing” or “Kayaking” or “Climbing.”

Loyalpreneur – these are those dedicated employees dutifully carrying out the orders of those they work for in exchange for a paycheck.

Philanthropreneur – a generous, thoughtful person that supports other people’s projects, initiatives, and ventures often times without concern for any payback.

Luckypreneur – somebody who has a job that allows them to make a big impact, make a good living, and also make a difference in the world. Whichever kind of entrepreneur you are, chances are you’ll be using a website to help promote your business. If you feel stressed out by your web hosting issues, visit to see how they can take over and let you get on with running your business.

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