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My name is Dee Williams, and about a year ago I had this idea to exclusively work closely with 100 entrepreneurs (and ONLY 100 at a time) to help them to dramatically setup, grow and scale their companies.

So for this past year I have been flying all over the country speaking at events, and holding both online and in-person events searching for 100 special and unique entrepreneurs who are serious about building and running a 7-figure+ niche’ recruitment and staffing business.

Below you will find three videos that share information about our coaching programs: StartUp Program, ScaleUp Program, LevelUp Program or you can take ALL THREE PROGRAMS! Let me explain how it works (and what’s in it for YOU!)

We have THREE coaching programs designed for Staffingpreneurs like you based on where they are in their specific journey. There are only ever 100 people in the Staffingpreneurs Academy Group Coaching Program and most members who get in, don’t leave. They renew year after year and so it’s VERY rare that there are any openings.

If you get accepted into the in the Staffingpreneurs Academy Group Coaching Program, this is how it will work:

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The StartUp Program Semester I Overview

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The StartUp Program
Semester I Overview

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The LevelUp Program
Semester III Overview

Dee Williams is the CEO of Individual Audacity, a company that teaches driven, audacious individuals and leaders how to decide on a course of action in their career, business, or life and how to execute on those decisions.


The Audacity Of Entrepreneurship: 7 Ways to Boss Up in The Face OF Adversity

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You could be just a couple of minutes away from getting accepted into my group coaching program and getting my help to completely transform your business.

Dee Williams

CEO, Identifize Consulting Bestselling Author Expert in Startup Staffing Practices

Speaker, and Global Recruitment Coach extraordinaire Dee Williams has over 20 years of experience within the staffing and recruiting industry.

You could be just a couple of minutes away from getting accepted into my group coaching program and getting my help to completely transform your business.

In 2011, Ms. Williams started Identifize Consulting, a boutique consulting firm that offers: recruitment training & coaching, executive search, professional resume writing, personal & professional branding, and small business start-up advisory services.

Developed based on a vision of replenishing the world’s economy, Identifize Consulting’s goal is to unite and educate the minds of the recruiting industry and professional job seekers alike. With her out of the box and energetic approach Ms. Williams was able to provide services to companies that increased their bottom line revenue to over $9M within the first twelve months of opening Identifize Consulting.

Ms. Williams strives to unleash the “super human powers” in everyone she encounters by empowering them with the “No limitations” outlook on their professional and personal goals.

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